Member Agreement (required)

Thank you for joining Sign and Dine! 

By signing this Agreement, I am making a commitment to support a Deaf-friendly environment. This type of environment facilitates communication in American Sign Language (ASL) and helps others learn about Deaf culture.  I promise to support each of the following strategies: 

PHYSICALLY SUPPORTING VISUAL COMMUNICATION: I will position myself in a way that allows everyone I converse with to see me.  I will check frequently to ensure I am not blocking others’ views, and I will remove objects that obstruct or otherwise interfere with visual communication.  Finally, I will provide feedback to my peers to show that I do or do not understand what is being signed. 

AVOIDING DISTRACTIONS: In a Deaf-friendly ASL environment, all persons should focus on the person signing.  During my time in the Deaf-friendly ASL environment, I promise to avoid distracting myself or others by consistent oral communication.

COMMUNICATING VISUALLY: I agree to seldom use my voice when in a Deaf-friendly ASL environment.  I understand that consistently relying on vocal means of communication:

DOES NOT SUPPORT A DEAF-FRIENDLY ASL ENVIRONMENT: I will practice respect for the Deaf in all Deaf-friendly ASL environments.

HINDERS MY PROGRESS TO LEARN ASL: The best way to learn ANY modern language is to use it at ALL TIMES.

INTERFERES WITH OTHERS’ COMMUNICATION: If other people get “stuck” and don’t understand the signs, I will seldom use my voice to “help” because doing so may well create obstacles for others trying to learn ASL. I will help others understand by explaining in signs, gestures, fingerspelling, or writing. 

I hereby sign this Agreement and make a commitment to a Deaf-friendly ASL environment.

Sign And Dine, Inc