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Gregg Bellman is the President and Co-founder of Sign and Dine, Inc. He started the organization after an illness that caused his hearing loss. During his journey to learn how to communicate again, he found a desire to give back to the community that supported him.

Gregg attended Judson High School in Converse, Texas completing his GED in 1981. He worked in the security industry for 10 years as a Commercial and Residential Sales Representative. During his employment, he held a Texas license specializing in fire protection as a Residential Fire Alarm Superintendent. As Field Engineering Manager for ETS (Electronic Tracking Systems), a world-wide leader in tracking and protection of assets, he designed area wide systems used by law enforcement to make our communities a safer place. Hardware and software development included educational material and training strategies used by law enforcement and 911 Operators including civilian staff. Gregg used his expertise in RF (Radio Frequency) engineering, office management, software/hardware development, media production, education materials and training strategies to develop and create Sign and Dine, Inc.

Gregg volunteered with Wounded Warrior Battalion (US Army/BAMC) for 2 years in a rehabilitation program designed to transition wounded soldiers back into service or transitioning them to a productive and fulfilling civilian life after their service to the United States of America. Volunteering has always been his passion as he serves the surrounding communities where he lives. His community building and volunteerism extends into the cycling community where he has led bicycle events in San Antonio.

Gregg Bellman has devoted himself to creating and developing Sign and Dine, Inc as a premier source for those learning ASL (American Sign Language). An organization with goals to provide, a no cost place for groups or individuals around the United States, an environment to practice and improve their ASL skill. 

Sign and Dine, Inc – Helping to bridge the gap between the Deaf Community and the hearing world





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Email: Gregg [at] signanddine [dot] org

Cell: 1 (210) 414-7233 (text)

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