American Sign Language (ASL)

Sign And Dine, Inc

Bridging the Gap...

Between Deaf and Hearing Cultures

Practice, Practice, Practice...

Our philosophy is that practice makes perfect. Your best chance of success in learning Sign Language is to practice and socialize in a D/deaf friendly environment. Learning Deaf culture from the experts in a social setting gives you every opportunity to learn from the experts!

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The Perfect Surrounding

Whether its enjoying a cup of coffee on a cold winter evening or feasting on Italian at at your local pizzeria. Sharing time with others who enjoy learning and sharing in their language and culture is always the perfect surroundings. If you prefer an Educational environment then you can join a monthly lecture or join us for weekly fingerspelling practice. 

Providing Opportunities...

More than just a chat room. It’s real face to face practice..practical experience with others is always the best! Learn about Deaf Culture in Ashburn, you’ll make a difference in your own life and someone else’s life too. If you want to make a difference, come see what Sign And Dine, Inc is all about. 

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“Having studied ASL in college, I wanted to practice my sign and continue learning about Deaf culture. Not only have I found in Sign and Dine a place where I can do just that but have developed meaningful friendships with Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing members and become part of a community where I feel safe, supported, and encouraged to grow as an individual and friend of the Deaf community. Sign and Dine is a truly unique organization. Please don’t pass up this amazing opportunity!
JOnathan Fletcher

Sign And Dine, Inc